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Carrboro’s Towing Rules

See here for an important update. [September 3, 2014]

With the news today that the North Carolina Court of Appeals lifted the injunction on the Town of Chapel Hill’s towing ordinance, here’s a primer on the Town of Carrboro’s rules about the towing of vehicles from private property:

  • The towing company may not charge more than $100 for the towing of your car.
  • The towing company may not charge more than $20 per day for the storage of your car.
  • The towing company may not begin charging for the storage of your car until 24 hours after towing the car.
  • The towing company must accept payment by major credit/debit card or cash.

To learn more, read page 8-32 of the Carrboro Town Code at

The town will be sending a letter this week to local businesses explaining the towing rules. If a towing company tells you something inconsistent with the rules above, please contact the town manager at

Statement on Mega Moral Monday

Mayor Mark Chilton, Alderwoman Michelle Johnson, Alderman Damon Seils, and Alderman Sammy Slade of Carrboro; and Council Member Donna Bell of Chapel Hill

From left to right, Mayor Mark Chilton, Alderwoman Michelle Johnson, Alderman Damon Seils, and Alderman Sammy Slade of Carrboro; and Council Member Donna Bell of Chapel Hill

This morning, Mayor Chilton released the following statement about yesterday’s events at the North Carolina General Assembly:

“Yesterday, I went to the General Assembly with Carrboro Aldermen Sammy Slade, Damon Seils and Michelle Johnson as well as Chapel Hill Town Councilmember Donna Bell. We went to lawfully and respectfully seek to exercise our State Constitutional rights under Article I, section 12: ‘The people have a right to assemble together to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to the General Assembly for redress of grievances.’

“We asked to meet with House Speaker Thom Tillis. We obeyed building rules by not carrying signs or clapping or singing and we were unlawfully and unconstitutionally placed under arrest.

“We sought to apply to Speaker Tillis for a redress of our grievances about curtailment of voting rights, reductions in public education, the assault on women’s right to choose, the undermining of Jordan Lake water quality, the decision not to expand Medicaid, the reduction in unemployment benefits and several other issues of critical concern to the people of North Carolina.

“If Article I, section 12 does not mean that duly elected local representatives of the people have the right to come to the General Assembly while it is in session and peacefully, quietly and calmly request a meeting with a member of the State House of Representatives, then I have to ask: What does it mean?”

Budget Season

On Tuesday, May 21, the Board of Aldermen will hold a public hearing on the town manager’s recommended budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Some highlights include:

  • no increase in the property tax rate (for the fifth consecutive year);
  • retirement of debt for the Adams Tract, the Century Center, the Martin Luther King Jr Park property, and the Old NC 86 public works property;
  • an increase in the human services grant budget; and
  • a small cost-of-living increase for town employees.

And don’t forget the purchase of a new front-loader garbage truck!

The proposed budget is available on the town’s website here and from the town clerk.

Your alderpersons want to hear from you. Reach out to us individually or attend the May 21 public hearing to share your ideas. Feel free to contact me directly or join the conversation on Facebook.

Thank You, Carrboro!

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to vote in the special election yesterday.

It was ambitious of us to ask people to get excited about an election with a single, uncontested ballot item. But that’s the approach I took to the campaign, and I had a lot of help. Many of you were cheerleaders for me from the beginning, contributed financially to the campaign, and gave your time to make the campaign a success.

In the past few weeks, we reached almost every neighborhood in Carrboro on foot. We completed our door-to-door canvassing even after it became clear there would be no other candidates in the race. I hope we demonstrated to the community that we took the campaign seriously, just as I will take my role as alderperson seriously.

Thank you for your support. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Our Special Day Is Near

Friends and Neighbors,

The time has come to see what kind of voter turnout Carrboro can muster for an uncontested special election.

Please remind your friends to vote on Tuesday.

Whatever method you choose to reach people, your recommendation will drive turnout in this unusual election.

All of Carrboro’s normal voting locations will be open Tuesday from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Voters who are unsure where to vote can find their information on the Orange County Board of Elections website at

With gratitude for your support,


Early Voting Begins

Early voting begins today for the Carrboro special election. Here are the details:

Location for early voting: Orange County Board of Elections at 208 S Cameron Street in historic downtown Hillsborough.

Dates and times for early voting:

  • Thursday, February 28, 9:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Friday, March 1, 9:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Mondays through Fridays, March 4–15, 9:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Saturday, March 16, 9:00 am–1:00 pm

You also have the option to vote on election day, March 19, at your normal voting location in Carrboro. Click here for more voter information.

From the Archives: Perspectives on Planning, Transportation, and More

Last week, a friend asked me on Facebook to share my thoughts about housing, planning, and transportation issues in Carrboro, especially in light of Chapel Hill’s recent experience with the Chapel Hill 2020 process. Largely because of my time on the Carrboro Planning Board, several of my priorities and interests in the campaign relate to planning and transportation.

I recommended to my friend that he read a statement I coauthored last year, “Progressive Perspectives on Chapel Hill 2020.” Although the statement is primarily a reflection on issues facing our neighbors to the east, many of the values it expresses are also important for us in Carrboro. Read the full statement here.

And remember to vote in the special election on March 19!

It’s Officially Official

Today I took a lunchtime trip to Hillsborough to file as a candidate in the special election. This weekend you’ll begin to see me and my friendly campaign volunteers knocking on doors throughout Carrboro. Only six weeks remain until the election, and we’re going to canvass our beautiful town in record time. Add March 19 to your calendar today!




It’s Official! Vote March 19

Tonight the Carrboro Board of Aldermen selected March 19 as the date of the special election to fill the vacancy left by Alderman Dan Coleman’s resignation.

As I announced several weeks ago, I will file as a candidate in this special election. I am grateful for and energized by the support many of you have already expressed, and I look forward to a successful campaign. But I will need your help.

Vote. The success of this special winter campaign will come down to votes. If you are a Carrboro voter, please add the special election day, March 19, to your calendar.

Spread the word. Consider putting in a good word for me with your Carrboro friends and neighbors. Learn more about my experience and priorities. You can also like my campaign’s Facebook page at and follow me on Twitter at, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Volunteer. Can you spend a small amount of time on the campaign? Sign up here. I will especially need volunteers to help distribute flyers in their neighborhoods and to greet voters at the polls.

Make a contribution. If you are able to make a financial contribution to help cover campaign expenses, please go to I am accepting contributions of up to $100 per person. Any amount you give will be a great help.

As this short campaign progresses, feel free to contact me. I hope I will have the privilege of earning your vote in the next several weeks.