Three Days to Go

Two highlights from the campaign trail today:

• A young Irish setter–golden retriever mix kissed me on the mouth in the Highlands.

• I reintroduced myself to someone whose door I first knocked in 2013. Back then, impressed I was knocking on doors when I was the only candidate on the ballot, he promised me his vote. He remembered me today, too. I think about him a lot.

My team of friends and volunteers reached peak campaign today. We knocked on another 450 doors all over Carrboro. In the past several weeks, we knocked on 2500 doors and mailed more than 9000 postcards. I participated in 17 candidate forums, interviews, and campaign meet and greets, completed 11 candidate questionnaires, and received every available organizational endorsement and the support of a dozen former Carrboro mayors and alderpersons. I love my team, and I love this town!

Election Day is Tuesday. Please vote! And please stop by Steel String after the polls close to mark the end of the local election season and to get ready for county, state, and federal elections in 2020.