It’s Official: I’m Running for Mayor!

As a member of the Town Council since 2013, I have had the opportunity to work closely with community members on a wide range of issues. In my 2021 mayoral campaign, I am seeking to build on the accomplishments as a council member and to engage all of Carrboro in our important work together.

  • For a comprehensive plan to guide decisions about growth and development consistent with our values
  • For better local and regional public transit
  • For our place at the regional table
  • For a growing, diverse community

My priorities include:

  • Land use and transportation planning that promotes a healthy and affordable community, furthers our leadership in alternative transportation, thoughtfully integrates new development with our existing neighborhoods, and responds to the challenges of global climate change.
  • Taking lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we are providing services to meet community needs and allocating our resources equitably.
  • Economic development that helps locally owned businesses thrive, expands and diversifies our tax base, and meets people’s everyday needs close to home.
  • Policy making that encourages broad participation, fosters partnerships with and among community groups, and builds on Carrboro’s reputation as a progressive community that that holds racial equity and social justice in the foreground.