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Update: Carrboro’s Towing Rules

In its June decision in King v Town of Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the authority of local governments to regulate involuntary towing of vehicles from private property. However, the court clarified that this authority does not include caps on the fees towing companies may charge. Although the case was about Chapel Hill’s towing ordinance, the court’s decision also affects towing rules in Carrboro and other towns and cities in North Carolina.

Before the court’s decision, Carrboro’s towing ordinance prohibited towing companies from charging more than $100 per tow, charging $20 per day for storage, and charging for the first 24 hours of storage; and required towing companies to accept payment by major credit/debit card and cash. The ordinance also included various requirements about the signs that property owners must post to warn drivers about towing.

So, where does the King decision leave us in Carrboro? Towing companies still must accept payment by cash and major credit/debit cards. Also, property owners still must post appropriate signage to warn drivers about the possibility of towing. However, the town may no longer limit the amount that towing companies charge.

Last night, the Board of Aldermen amended the Town Code to reflect the Supreme Court’s decision. For more information, see the agenda item here. And to really go to town on this topic, see Coates’ Canons, a blog about local government law in North Carolina.

Carrboro’s Towing Rules

See here for an important update. [September 3, 2014]

With the news today that the North Carolina Court of Appeals lifted the injunction on the Town of Chapel Hill’s towing ordinance, here’s a primer on the Town of Carrboro’s rules about the towing of vehicles from private property:

  • The towing company may not charge more than $100 for the towing of your car.
  • The towing company may not charge more than $20 per day for the storage of your car.
  • The towing company may not begin charging for the storage of your car until 24 hours after towing the car.
  • The towing company must accept payment by major credit/debit card or cash.

To learn more, read page 8-32 of the Carrboro Town Code at http://townofcarrboro.org/TC/PDFs/TownCode/TownCodeCh08.pdf.

The town will be sending a letter this week to local businesses explaining the towing rules. If a towing company tells you something inconsistent with the rules above, please contact the town manager at TownManager@townofcarrboro.org.