It’s Official! Vote March 19

Tonight the Carrboro Board of Aldermen selected March 19 as the date of the special election to fill the vacancy left by Alderman Dan Coleman’s resignation.

As I announced several weeks ago, I will file as a candidate in this special election. I am grateful for and energized by the support many of you have already expressed, and I look forward to a successful campaign. But I will need your help.

Vote. The success of this special winter campaign will come down to votes. If you are a Carrboro voter, please add the special election day, March 19, to your calendar.

Spread the word. Consider putting in a good word for me with your Carrboro friends and neighbors. Learn more about my experience and priorities. You can also like my campaign’s Facebook page at and follow me on Twitter at, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Volunteer. Can you spend a small amount of time on the campaign? Sign up here. I will especially need volunteers to help distribute flyers in their neighborhoods and to greet voters at the polls.

Make a contribution. If you are able to make a financial contribution to help cover campaign expenses, please go to I am accepting contributions of up to $100 per person. Any amount you give will be a great help.

As this short campaign progresses, feel free to contact me. I hope I will have the privilege of earning your vote in the next several weeks.